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Falconry is the hunting of quarry with specially trained birds of prey, usually with a falcon or a hawk, which represents one of the oldest preserved hunting practices. It is therefore included in the world cultural heritage list. In falconry hunting is carried out by a natural predator, man is only its assistant. The birds of prey can establish an excellent cooperation with hunting dogs which finds the hidden game and lifts it up. In Slovenia, falconry is permitted by law, with a precondition of passing the falconry exam and the hunting exam, as well as the appropriate permissions for breeding and possession of the said birds of prey.


Falconry in the LPN Fazan Beltinci

Falconry is a unique and very demanding hunting method. It requires a lot of patience, time and knowledge from hawkers, in order for the hunter to establish relationship and trust with a falcon. The amount of hunted game in falconry is significantly lower than with other hunting methods.

Falconry as a way of hunting in the special purpose state hunting grounds is implemented in the LPN Fazan Beltinci. Every year in late October they organize a feast of falconry in the hunting grounds, including hunting with falcons.

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