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Hunting of wild boars takes place in Slovenia throughout the year, while hunting of adult saws is carried out from the 1st of July until the end of January.

In the special purpose state hunting grounds a hunting guest may decide to hunt wild boars by waiting in thehigh seat. Waiting is the most successful in the evening and night hours, along agricultural land at the time of ripening crops, at bilges, along paths and feeding sites.

11_Pogon divjih prašičev na skupinskem lovu v LPN na Kočevskem

Hunt out of wild boars during group hunting in the LPN in the Kočevje region

A special challenge is hunting wild boar by stalking, which is the most successful mainly in the early morning along meadows, pastures and fields. Hunting wild boars by stalking is especially successful during the mating season, when they can be heard, thus, it is possible to determine their location and with some luck even surprise them.

Hunting wild boar in the special purpose state hunting grounds is performed in LPN Jelen, LPN Prodi Razor, LPN in the Kočevje region, LPN Ljubljanski vrh, LPN Pohorje and LPN Kompas Peskovci. Landscape, climate, access and the difficulty of hunting in hunting areas listed are very different, so every hunting guest can choose his/her favorite, preferred hunting ground. Hunting wild boar in these LPN is also due to the possibility of choice suitable for all true hunters.

Hunting is performed by professional hunters who know the movements of boars and wild pigs in the hunting ground.

Arrival of wild pigs during the group hunting in the LPN in the Kočevje region

At the request and by agreement group hunt – hunt out of wild boar can be organized in the special purpose state hunting grounds, especially in LPN Jelen and LPN in the Kočevje region

prašiča celoleten

Shot wild boar in the game reserve in the LPN in the Kočevje region.jpg

In the LPN in the Kočevje region wild boar hunting is also conducted in two large fenced game reserves, which can be regarded as the largest in this part of Europe.


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