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Hunting mallard ducks in the special purpose state hunting grounds may be organized as independent mallard hunting or in combination with other types of small game such as brown hare, pheasant and grey partridge, or even in combination with hunting ungulates.

Hunting guest may choose to hunt ducks with the help of trained dogs, such as setters and water dogs which flush and retrieve game from water, or to catch mallards during their evening overflying when they fly over from their daily posts to other areas where they feed.

For all hunting guests exclusive mallard hunting is organized in the first week of September, in the LPN Fazan Beltinci. During the hunting of mallards water dogs lift mallards from water areas along the Mura river and its affluents, overgrown with reeds.

Later on in October and subsequent months, the hunting exclusively of mallards is no longer organized in the special purpose state hunting grounds, nevertheless, it is combined with the hunting of other small or large game species.


The area of the Mura river in the LPN Fazan Beltinci

Hunting mallards in the special purpose state hunting grounds is carried out in the LPN Fazan Beltinci, due to the habitat of mallards along the Mura river, and in the LPN Ljubljanski vrh, as the mallard also lives along the Ljubljanica river.

Hunting is performed by professional hunters who know the movements of mallards in the hunting grounds.

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