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In the special purpose state hunting grounds (LPN) managed by Slovenia Forest Service, hunting is carried out with respect for the rich Slovenian hunting tradition and hunting ethics, both in the wild as well as in two large fenced game reserves.

We are best known for hunting by stalking and stand hunting, conducted from a high seat, however, we also carry out hunting in group, hunt out of big game and small game brackade or driven hunt.

Hunting, which most attracts the majority of hunting guests, takes place during the mating season, the most interesting is undoubtedly the hunting of red deer during the “rut” behaviour, as well as hunting roe deer and chamois during the same period.

Outstanding natural and species diversity enable each hunting guest and other visitors to find in our LPNs the form and type of hunting and nature experience which personally suits them best.

In addition to huntable species of game all the three European species of large carnivores can be found in our LPNs, from the most impressive, the brown bear, to wolves and lynxes.

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