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One of the hunting methods in the special purpose state hunting grounds is also carried out by a sub group of gundogs, called the retrievers. The trained retriever dog freezes when prey is encountered and lifts it on command when a hunter is approaching, or looks for it just in front of the hunter. When the game is shot the dog waits for instructions from the hunter, then it searches for shot game and brings it to the hunter. In the event that the shot was not successful, the dog keeps on searching.b


Lowland part of the LPN Ljubljanski vrh, Ljubljana Marshes, just before the sunrise

Hunting with the help of retrievers is specially suitable for hunting small game, brown hare, pheasant, grey partridge and mallard.

In the special purpose state hunting grounds the hunting of mallards and pheasants is carried out in the LPN Ljubljanski vrh, in the LPN Kompas Peskovci you can hunt pheasants, while in the LPN Fazan Beltinci they offer the hunting of grey partridges and brown hare, pheasants and mallards.

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