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The LPNs perform and appreciate traditional forms of hunting. For real hunters, in addition to wild game also important is the authentic experience of game and other wildlife in their natural habitat. The nature in the LPNs is among the best preserved in Slovenia, we can even say in Europe, so hunting there is of particular interest for all true hunters. We even offer the possibility of accommodation in the LPNs, for an authentic experience of nature and wildlife.

Hunting in LPNs is performed practically exclusively in the wild, but we also manage two large fenced hunting game reserves, the largest in this part of Europe. Each one of them measures approximately 1,000 ha. The best known hunting methods are hunting by stalking and stand hunting, conducted from a high seat, however, we also carry out hunting in group, hunt out of big game and small game brackade or driven hunt.

Hunting in LPNs takes place in all natural environments and climates which can be found in Slovenia, from the High Karst Unit and the Alps, through the Pohorje highlands, to Dinaric setting and Pannonian Plain. Hunting guests may therefore choose an LPN depending on the environment, climate, physical fitness, the decision of whether hunting should be performed above or below the treeline, the availability of the hunting area and other factors.

Trophy hunting tourism in LPNs represents a part of the sustainable management of wildlife and is organized professionally in hunting grounds. It is carried out by professional district hunters, in compliance with all relevant legislation and the rules adopted by the council of the Slovenia Forest Service, as well as, of course, in accordance with the principles of hunting ethics. All the wild game hunted is recorded in the Register of the Shot and Lost Game, and financially evaluated in accordance with the price list of LPNs at the Slovenia Forest Service.

Our LPNs are increasingly visited by hunting guests or other visitors with the aim of observing wildlife and some protected species, especially large carnivores.

20_ Lovec pripravljen na lov v LPN Pohorje

Hunter prepared to hunt in the LPN Pohorje

Pogled z lovišča v dolino in pred začetkom dneva pregled naravnega okolja divjadi

View from the hunting grounds toward the valley, and inspection of the natural game environment before the start of the day


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