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Hunting grey partridge in the special purpose state hunting grounds may be organized as independent grey partridge hunting or in combination with other types of small game such as brown hare, pheasant and mallard, or even in combination with hunting ungulates.

In individual grey partridge hunting, the guest can choose to hunt with short hunt out and by culling flying grey partridges fromstands, or with the help of specially trained gun dogs, particularly setters. Dogs with excellent smell find grey partridges and point to their position with a firm stance, a sort of crouch or “set”, and then at the given command chase it from its hiding place.

Grey partridges before leaving the lodge in the LPN Fazan Beltinci

Hunting guests decide to hunt grey partridges in combination with other types of small game predominantly in the morning and in the areas with low vegetation, which provides the small game species enough protection for their existence and survival.

In some cases, the hunting guests also opt for a combination of hunting grey partridges in the morning and stand hunting of ungulates in the evening.


Grey partridge outdoors in the LPN Fazan Beltinci

Hunting grey partridges is carried out in two special purpose state hunting grounds, in the LPN Fazan Beltinci, where they also have their own breeding station for grey partridges and LPN Kompas Peskovci, where there are many agricultural surfaces, but separated by hedges, which represent a suitable habitat for grey partridges.

Hunting is performed by professional hunters who know the movements of grey partridges in the hunting grounds.

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