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The mission of the Slovenia Forest Service is conservation and sustainable development of Slovenian forests and all their functions for the purpose of their sustainable and high-quality management and use, as well as the conservation of nature in a forest area for the benefit of the present and future generations. It pursues its mission through the forest management planning, cultivation and protection of forests, activities in the field of forestal technology and rural development, forest animals and hunting, public relations and other fields.

They are organized in the central office in Ljubljana and in 14 regional offices: Tolmin, Bled, Kranj, Postojna, Kočevje, Novo Mesto, Brežice, Celje, Nazarje, Slovenj Gradec, Maribor, Murska Sobota and Sežana. Regional units are divided into local units, which are further divided into forest districts.

The special purpose state hunting grounds are a part of the RU Kočevje, RU Kranj, RU Ljubljana, RU Murska Sobota, RU Postojna and RU Tolmin.

Neokrnjena narava je življenjsko okolje divjadi v LPN Pohorje

Unspoiled nature is the habitat of game in the LPN Pohorje

Nižinski del LPN Ljubljani vrh, Ljubljansko Barje, pred sončnim vzhodom

The lowland part of LPN Ljubljanski vrh, the Ljubljana Marshes, before sunrise

Prebujanje narave v LPN Kozorog Kamnik

Awakening of nature in the LPN Kozorog Kamnik

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