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This is the kind of game that is rarely to be found in the hunting grounds.

Mouflon hunting: mouflons live in the wild in the LPN Prodi Razor and the LPN Kozorog Kamnik, where it is of course also possible to hunt them. Mouflon hunting is most successful in the winter months, when it is mostly hunted fromhigh seats. Is it also possible to hunt mouflon in the summer or autumn, when we are hunting other game species, usually chamois. In smaller numbers, mouflons also live in both hunting game reserves in the LPN in the Kočevje region.

Alpine Ibex at the salt distribution site observe the surroundings in the LPN Kozorog Kamnik

Huntingalpine ibex: this type of hunting is one of the most physically demanding because ibex live exclusively in the high mountains. Hunting usually takes place by stalking, in combination with waiting at certain sites, such as pastures, salt distribution sites … Alpine ibex live in the LPN Kozorog Kamnik, where it is usually possible to shoot a small number of these animals every year.


Alpine ibex in the LPN Kozorog Kamnik

Shot fallow deer in the LPN Kompas Peskovci

Hunting for fallow deer: fallow deers live in the area of the LPN Kompas Peskovci and in both game reserves in the LPN in the Kočevje region. Hunting is usually performed by stalking or stand hunting, however hunt out is also possible.

In the LPN Ljubljanski vrh brown bears are also present

Hunting of brown bears: shooting is possible only on the basis of a formal authorization from the competent ministries and is carried out exclusively by hunting fromhigh seats, usually in the autumn, in October, November and approximately until mid-December, as well as in early spring in March and April. Brown bears can be hunted in the LPN in the Kočevje region, LPN Jelen and LPN Ljubljanski vrh. After the hunting we take care of the issuing of the relevant export license (CITES), because this is a protected species.

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