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Hunting by stalking

Hunting by stalking is the most common form of hunting by hunting guests in LPNs and is also the most interesting for our hunting guests due to its complexity. During stalking the hunting guest walks slowly and carefully through the hunting area, accompanied by a professional hunter, looking for game in their prefered areas of feeding.

Hunting by stalking is carried out mainly in the morning and in the evening, although the choice of hours depends heavily on the type of game being hunted and the time of year.


The start of hunting by stalking in the LPN Pohorje

Hunting by stalking is suitable for hunting guests in appropriate physical condition, because in certain LPN it is carried out throughout the entire day, especially when hunting chamois in the winter.

Hunting by stalking is performed in every LPN in Slovenia. Hunting grounds are situated in different landscapes and climates, from the High Karst Unit and the Alps to the Dinaric Alps and the Pannonian Plain, therefore hunting by stalking in our hunting grounds is suitable for all true hunters.

During hunting the hunting guests are accompanied by professional hunters.

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