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Recently, an increasingly frequent contact with wildlife and nature is achieved through observing game and other wildlife in its habitat. Observation is carried out in the company of professional hunters, at times and in areas where there is no intense hunting.

Observing playful chamois in the LPN Kozorog Kamnik

Observing alpine ibex at the salt distribution site in the LPN Kozorog Kamnik

Deer and wild animals in their habitat can be observed along paths, at bilges, or when moving within a hunting ground. Animals in peaceful zones of hunting grounds, which are intended for mating and preservation of the populations of individual species, should not be disturbed.

Roe deer is resting behind a tree in the LPN Ljubljanski vrh

Wild boar in snow in the LPN in the Kočevje region

opazovanje divjadi

Red deer hind in the LPN in the Kočevje region

Observing wildlife can be implemented in the form of a photo safari. It is carried out in every special purpose state hunting grounds from the High Karst Unit and the Alps to the Dinaric Alps and the Pannonian Plain. Nature in all hunting grounds is among the best preserved in Slovenia. The visitor can choose the landscape and wildlife he/she would like to observe and agree about it with the head of the hunting area or with a professional hunter in the hunting ground.

Herd of chamois that stay below the treeline in the LPN Pohorje

In the LPN Ljubljanski vrh brown bears are also present. JPG

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