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In Slovenia, the sustainable management of game and other wildlife species and their habitats proves more than 100 years of tradition.

With the creation of an independent state, for the purpose of unity and integration, the planning and management of wildlife and their natural environment was entrusted to the Slovenian Forest Service. The Forest Service also organized the protection of rare, endangered species and wildlife within the special purpose state hunting grounds, managed by them.

Today in Slovenia, ten LPNs operate under the Slovenian Forest Service, covering more than 200,000 hectares, which makes up for almost 10 percent of the total area of Slovenia.

Their core activity is the care for game and all rare and endangered species, which is ensured by implementing a number of measures in wildlife populations and their habitat. Extremely important task of our LPNs is the implementation of scientific research in the field of wildlife, hunting, and certain protected species. In addition to huntable species of game all the three European species of large carnivores can be found in our LPNs, from the most impressive, the brown bear, to wolves and lynxes.

In the areas of LPNs we perform hunting by respecting the rich Slovenian hunting tradition and ethics, both in the wild as well as in the two fenced game reserves. We are mostly known for hunting by stalking and stand hunting, conducted from a high seat, as well as by hunting in group, hunt out of big game and small game brackade. Our LPN is also visited by an increasing number of hunting guests, who by themselves or with their families opt for various forms of game and other wildlife observation.

LPNs obtain funding for their operations mainly through marketing and implementation of trophy hunting tourism. Among the most attractive huntable game species are roe deer, red deer, wild boar, chamois, fallow deer, mouflon,  alpine ibex, pheasant, mallard, gray partridge and brown hare. In accordance with the secondary legislation it is sometimes also possible to hunt certain protected species, especially brown bears.

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The Special Purpose State Hunting Grounds (managed by Slovenia Forest Service)

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