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The special purpose state hunting grounds (LPN) managed by Slovenia Forest Service, have been established for the protection and the conservation of rare and endangered game species and wildlife. Our mission is the sustainable management of wildlife, as well as some of the protected species and their habitats.

We are organized in ten locations in all natural environments and climate types in Slovenia, from the High Karst Unit and the Alps, via the Pohorje highlands to the Dinaric Alps and Pannonian Plain. The special purpose state hunting grounds include areas with the most preserved nature in Slovenia, therefore they mainly attract true hunters who are interested in traditional hunting, where in addition to hunting itself it is also important to experience game and other wildlife in their natural habitat.

Among the most attractive species of game in hunting areas are roe and red deer, fallow deer, chamois, mouflon, alpine ibex, wild boar, pheasant, mallard, gray partridge and brown hare. In addition, in accordance with the rules also limited and controlled hunting of brown bears is allowed. Hunting in the LPNs takes place almost exclusively in the wild, but we also manage two large fenced game reserves. The most common method of hunting is hunting by stalking, followed by stand hunting and other forms of waiting for game, while we are reintroducing hunting in group, such as hunt out and driving game. Certain regular guests often return for photo safari or observing the game and other wild animals in their natural environment.

You are welcome to visit us and see for yourself!

The special purpose state hunting grounds (managed by Slovenia Forest Service)

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