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Red Deer in the fenced game reserve in the LPN in the Kočevje region

Within the special purpose state hunting grounds in the LPN in the Kočevje region two large fenced game reserves are situated, probably the biggest in this part of Europe. Hunting in the two game reserves is almost identical to hunting in the wild, as each game reserve covers an area of over 1,000 hectares. Due to the enclosure, in the area of each game reserve there are several specimens of individual species, however because of their sheer size the game reserves offer hunting guests a genuine contact with nature, i.e. the feeling of hunting in the wild.

Wildboars during group hunting in the game reserve of the LPN in the Kočevje region

The primary game species in the game reserves is wildboar, but also other species of game are present. Economically the most important are red deer, mouflon and fallow deer. Hunting guest may decide to hunt a specific type of game, by stalking or stand hunting, or to hunt a specific type of game in group, or by a larger hunt out of different types of game.

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