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LPNs have been established for the protection of rare, endangered species of game and wildlife species, and their habitats, for the purpose of implementation of a number of public functions and scientific research in the field of management of game and certain of the protected wildlife species, and their habitats.

Our mission is being realized with a natural and sustainable management of game and their habitats.

In line with our mission we participate in the preparation and implementation of hunting and management plans. It is important to harmonize the interests of different users of the space, while ensuring a favorable status of game populations by adopting a number of measures regarding the populations and their natural environment, as well as by facilitating its rational and sustainable use which needs to be the most environmentally friendly and ethical. An important task of sustainable management of game habitats in Slovenia is also the conservation of large carnivores, which are part of the Dinaric populations of carnivores, as well as other rare and endangered species.

An important part of our vision is the development and expansion of knowledge about the game and other wildlife. New knowledge is obtained within a number of research projects and by monitoring of wildlife. Knowledge about the management of game and wildlife is expanding through cooperation with domestic and foreign educational institutions.

To carry out our activities we collaborate with other organizations in the field of hunting, and together with them we are solving the current professional issues and, if necessary, prepare draft proposals as well as legislative and regulatory provisions.

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